Sweat Equity eng

Partnership and search for risk capital

Sweat Equity

[swɛt ɛkwɪtɪ]:

…hard work to build or improve a business, project or product that helps to increase its value…*

*Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press


Sweat Equity, established in 2014, strengthened itself in October 2015 through the joining of two new partners who shared the founder’s idea and recognized the company name as the intimate meaning of this business venture: to be exclusively dedicated to increase the equity value built by the entrepreneur through his “sweat”, in searching for risk capital.

As Sweat Equity partners, we offer not only our professional experience, technical and capital market knowledge but also and, more importantly, our commitment, our “sweat” to add value, “getting our hands dirty”, alongside the entrepreneur in order to support the firm growth.

Sweat Equity vision consists in being a partner (rather than a mere consultant), to the extent of directly investing risk capital in specific cases.

Independent by nature, Sweat Equity values are integrity, coherence and transparency.

We have thought that the bee, famous for its individual hard work and laboriousness cleverly coordinated within its group, best helps us to explain our working method: individual but one alongside the other.